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44 Hurt Quotes To Express Your Feelings Now

Hurt Quotes; These are sad and painful quotes to express yourself with people and friends on social media.

Being hurt is hated by everyone and it is what everyone is searching to stay happy and peaceful throughout the life.

Sometimes, you may be happy in life. But, most of the time you are sad in life. To stay calm and peaceful, these hurt quotes can help you heal your bad feelings by sharing it with your family and friends on social media.

Best Hurt Quotes

There will be too much struggle in life. Every moment can offer you a specific challenge to face. Success will never happen to you. How will you react in such condition?

Hurt Quotes

It is better to stay working all the time rather expecting anything good from life. Because even life is reacting like fake people.

The more you work the more you will develop your skills. The more you develop your skills, the more you will expect. The more you expect, the more you will fail. Stop working so that nothing will cause you to be sad.

Focusing on work is good. But, only till you hope to be good. Hopes are always a root for expectations which turns to be a headache.

Always be happy in life for yourself. If you show other people, they will hate your happiness and try hard to make you sad.

Get what you want in life and make the people shut up who try to bring you down and start destroying your peace of mind.

Trying for many years and expecting some. But, life be like you will not get what you want until your last breathe.

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Stop expecting anything from anyone and start expecting from yourself because you self can never betray yourself and take the maximum benefit of it.

Painfulness in life is like bad faith. The more you think painfulness will heal you the more it will actually destroy you from being peaceful and happy in your life.

You want something in life and life will take care of how you can’t get and destroy your hopes and steal everything from you making you sad and breaking you bad.

Believe on yourself and everything will start improving and one day you can prove yourself to other that your effort was not just a try but a success.

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Very Sad Status Quotes

I think I’m too overthinking of any situation. Well, I too don’t like it but life doesn’t give any excuse to you. You need to be sad every now and then.

Hurt Quotes

Better version of yourself is just a blind faith. Nothing is to be good in life and you need to face all bad aspects in life if your luck is BAD!

I used to wonder why my life is not good. But, it will not solve by wondering. It will solve by working for it and achieving what you want in life.

I want to stay peaceful in life and just run away from these day to day problems and issues. Why people are successful in less time not me? This is the sad feeling.

Feelings need to be expressed and especially sad feelings need to be expressed. These sad feelings leads to sadness and depression in our life.

I am frustrated by these mornings. Everyday I hope to be the best. But, my life make the waste. I don’t know why I’m still struggling unnecessarily.

Never tell people that you are sad. They run away from you and you start blaming yourself.

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Can I get a best mentor to support me or help me? Yes! Life is the best mentor of all the time because it take cares to make you and keep you sad all the time and every time.

The struggle is not the problem in life. Problem is the people who promise to be with you and start ignoring you when you are no use to them.

Always hope for the best because the life, the people, the world is trying harder and harder each day to make you the waste version of yourself.

Why everyone need to live life sadly? This is absolutely not fair!

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Hurt Quotes For Instagram

People are rude at times and lovely at times. Everything depends on their wants and selfishness. Everyone is looking for something from you.

Hurt Quotes

Time is not in our hand and unfortunately this is the unluckiest part of everyone’s life. Time is the factor which either makes you happy or makes you sad.

I know it is very bad to face any situation after trying so much in life. It doesn’t matter because it is said everything happens for the good.

Nothing happens for the good. It is our belief and hope to stay positive in life to face every oddest and weird situation in life.

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Sadness is not the problem in anyone’s life. No one wants to be sad. But, people are jealous and they want you to be sad in your life all the time.

Hope for the best brother. Just hope for the best. Hoping for the best is the last chance every situation gives us to try again and again in life.

I want to fly. I want to live life to the fullest. But, I want everything and life doesn’t want to give us anything. It is just a matter of a literature to talk and discuss.

Best part of my journey is I always hoped to be the best and nothing happened the best and I gave up when I was totally a waste.

Depression is not good for life. But, still, people take care that you are depressed and later pretend when everything is over.

Try harder. Just try harder. I had lost my hopes. I am still trying. But, I don’t know whether anyone come and support me or help me to rise back in my life.

Hurt Quotes

I am tired now. I am tried of pleasing others. I am tired of trying. I am tired of hoping. I am tired of living life happily.

Hurt Quotes;These hurt status and quotes will help you express your bad mood and emotions with people making you feel better in your life.

It will also help you stay peaceful and relaxed in life.

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