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123+ Quotes On Sacrificing Yourself For Your Dreams Now

Find super quotes on sacrificing for your dreams. These quotes can help you get the right support to chase your dreams in the life.

Morning Quotes is the site where you can find motivational quotes, love quotes, sad quotes and many other quotes. These quotes on sacrificing can help you get to accomplish your goals in life.

Some quotes on sacrificing by famous people:-

Best Quotes On Sacrificing

  • Nothing is obtained without effort and sacrifice.
  • Turkish proverb
  • Self-sacrifice is the condition of virtue.
  • Aristotle
  • There are no valid sacrifices except those about which we are silent.
  • Henry de Montherlant
  • There is no shortcut to the places that are worth it.
  • Beverly sills
inspirational quotes
  • Generosity is always self-sacrifice; it is its essence.
  • Henry de Montherlant (The Master of Santiago, 1947)
  • A sacrifice is really a sacrifice only insofar as it is voluntary.
  • Jules Michelet
  • Society can only be maintained by the reciprocity of sacrifices.
  • Alfred Auguste Pilavoine (Thoughts, mixtures and poems, 1845)
  • Happiness is a rare enough thing that we make some sacrifices for it.
  • Paul de Kock
  • The real sacrifice is in brotherly, selfless love for all humans.
  • Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
  • A great sacrifice is easy, but it is the continual small sacrifices that are hard.
  • Goethe

Quotes About Sacrificing Love For Family

  • A life of sacrifice is the supreme pinnacle of art. She is full of real joy.
  • Gandhi
  • Boredom is at the end of all pleasures; contentment at the end of all the sacrifices.
  • Octave Pirmez
  • If a sacrifice is sadness for you, not joy, don’t do it, you’re not worthy of it.
  • Romain Rolland
  • It is not paying too dear for the freedom of the mind and the heart, to buy it by the sacrifice of pleasures.
  • La Rochefoucauld
  • A distinction should be made between sacrifice for love, which is noble, and suicide out of despair, which is base or vulgar.
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • Wisdom consists in knowing how to sacrifice part of your opinions, interests and wills to save the rest.
  • Victor Cherbuliez (Olivier Maugant, 1885)
  • We value virtue in others by the fruits it bears, in ourselves by the sacrifices it makes us accomplish.
  • Sophie Swetchine
  • He who truly loves finds happiness in sacrificing his tastes and inclinations for the happiness of the loved one.
  • Sosthène de La Rochefoucauld-Doudeauville (The book of thoughts, 1861)
  • The sacrifice remains for eternity the most sublime act. The secret of joy is knowing how to sacrifice yourself. Those who are able are the most privileged, they have understood the meaning of life.
  • Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
  • Love thinks first of all of the happiness of the other, it is based on sacrifice: sacrifice of time, strength, money, if necessary, to help the other, to allow him to live. ‘flourish and develop all of its qualities.
  • Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Self Sacrifice For The Greater Good Quotes

  • You have to forget yourself a little, not always put forward your points of view, your tastes, but show understanding, indulgence, patient … It’s a sacrifice, but this sacrifice is a strength, yes, and that is the great idea you must bow to.
  • Omraam Michaël Aïvanhov
  • No matter the magnitude of the sacrifice; what matters is the size of the goal that we set ourselves.
    Anonymous author for this and subsequent quotes
  • You don’t get anything without sacrificing something.
  • In order for our spirit to be able to uplift, our flesh must be sacrificed.
  • It is childish to aspire to a great project while refusing to make small sacrifices.
  • Any renunciation of a vice, a pernicious habit, a physical pleasure opens in you a door to a higher level of life.
  • Conscience has this advantage, that it even rewards us for unnecessary sacrifices, while men are only grateful for appearances.
  • There are those who sacrifice to their friends not only their comfort, but even their sanity. 
    Quote from Victor Cherbuliez ; Thoughts from his works (1913)
  • Altruism, of course, commands us to sometimes sacrifice our conscience for the conscience of others. 
    Quote from Victor Cherbuliez ; The beast (1887)
  • Who can sacrifice to graces can be assured of love. 
    Quote from Chevalier de Méré ; Maxims and sentences (1687)
  • A reasonable woman believes herself to be associated with the reputation of her lover, she wants virtues from him in order to sacrifice hers. 
    Quote from Philippe-Auguste de Sainte-Foy ; My hobbies, or various thoughts (1755)
  • Love is only truly beautiful when it is sacrificed. 
    Quote from Paul Morand ; The alarm clock (1937)
  • When we have a dominant goal to which we sacrifice everything, one of the first sacrifices we make to it is that of truth. The bigger and more disinterested the goal, the less scruples we have. 
    Quote from Eugène Marbeau ; Remarks and Thoughts (1901)
  • By sacrificing the essential for the emergency, we end up forgetting the urgency of the essential. 
    Quote from Edgar Morin ; The method, Ethics (2004)
  • Life passes at the speed of the wind, do not sacrifice overnight, nor the present for the future. 
    Quote from Ninon de Lenclos ; Confessions (1700)
  • No one should sacrifice a great duty for a small convenience. 
    Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel ; Fragments of a diary (1821-1881)
  • Life is too short to waste it on foolishness and sacrifice it on empty rattles. 
    Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel ; Diary, February 2, 1880.
  • We are only forgiven for putting ourselves on the stage in a story if we take care to give our role some shade of ridicule. The listener’s self-esteem ceases to be jealous if ours seems a little sacrificed. 
    Quote from Eugène Marbeau ; Remarks and Thoughts (1901)
  • It is for oneself that we sacrifice ourselves. We claim to choose and measure our sacrifice ourselves. 
    Quote from Eugène Marbeau ; Remarks and Thoughts (1901)

Life And Sacrifice Quotes

  • Knowing how to sacrifice secondary considerations to a goal dominating is what distinguishes determined characters from unresolved characters. 
    Quote from Eugène Marbeau ; Remarks and Thoughts (1901)
  • True love, always ready to sacrifice its own happiness, always trembling and fearful, is not expressed by transports; his energy is entirely in his generosity; the more chaste and pure he is, the more he likes to wrap himself in veils, to hide himself under emblems; he alone knows how to exhaust all the combined charms of mystery, delicacy and sensitivity. 
    Quote from Félicité de Genlis ; Arthur and Sophronie (1805)
  • There is always magnanimity in true goodness; for goodness unceasingly sacrifices its own interests, and, generous by feeling, it is always ready to forgive. 
    Quote from Félicité de Genlis ; The Critical and Reasoned Dictionary (1818)
  • The strong never gain anything from sacrificing those they see as the weak. It is betraying both little courage and much presumption; it is to expose its claims to the most severe judgment, and to refrain from any right of appeal. In France, nothing that hurts generosity is skillful or lasting. 
    Quote from Emile de Girardin ; Thoughts and Maxims (1867)
  • We sacrifice ourselves for a friend, for a brother, for a father; we renounce for them what is strongest in self-esteem. 
    Quote from Jules Simon ; Duty (1854)
  • Small businesses are victims that must always be sacrificed for the great views. 
    Quote from Voltaire ; Letter to M. Thiriot, March 6, 1724.
  • Self-love knows only the object which it cherishes, it despises all the others, and it would sacrifice them all for itself alone: ​​one could call it the vice of vices. 
    Quote from David Augustin de Brueys ; The amusements of reason (1721)
  • We have sacrificed our time, lost our rest, wasted our fortune, exhausted our health, to make ourselves useful to our fellow citizens; are they more grateful for that? And are not indifference and forgetting almost always the sad fruit of our labors and the efforts we have made for their good? 
    Quote from David Augustin de Brueys ; The amusements of reason (1721)
  • Youth sacrifices everything for the present, but middle age without disdaining the past, or neglecting the present, still thinks of the future. 
    Quote from Fernando de Rojas ; Maxims and Thoughts (1541)
  • For a moment of pleasure, the women would sacrifice the whole world. 
    Quote from Auguste Guyard ; Quintessences (1847)
  • By sacrificing everything to your duty, you are sure to achieve happiness. 
    Quote from Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian ; Myrtil and Chloé (1786)
  • Who has never been on the point of sacrificing everything for his love has never loved. 
    Quote from Cécile Fée ; Maxims and Thoughts (1832)
  • There is no greater happiness than to sacrifice yourself for a beloved girl. 
    Quote from Alphonse Karr ; The shortest way (1836)
  • Well ? Because they don’t worship gold and silver to the point of sacrificing body and soul to them, is that a reason to call them beasts? Is it not rather the opposite?
  • The Valladolid controversy – Jean-Claude Carrière

    Men. Not to sacrifice themselves for what they are but for what they can become.
  • Notebooks – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • It is ultimately pleasant, thought Grand Duke, to decide in this way on the life and death of others, to protect in order to better condemn, to give hope in order to better sacrifice. To play with fate like a cunning and unpredictable god …
  • A plane without her – Michel Bussi
  • There is nothing that one is not ready to sacrifice (oneself, one’s dignity, etc.) provided that those whom one imagines having the money concede it to those who believe it is due by virtue of their prostration. .
  • The monkeys of their ideal: on the recent use of the moment – Michel Surya
  • To contain oneself is more difficult than to mutilate oneself. Depriving yourself every day is more difficult than sacrificing yourself once. The sage in the world is greater and more heroic than the sage in the cloister.
  • Complete works of victor hugo (edition 1942) – Victor Hugo
    You have to know how to sacrifice yourself with joy and love anyway.
  • Belle of the Lord – Albert Cohen

    A man could sacrifice himself out of machismo, out of stupidity or out of blind faith in a hypothetical victory. A woman sacrificed herself without telling herself any stories.
  • Juste un regard (2004), harlan coben (transl. Roxanne azimi), ed. pocket (n ° 12897), 2007 (isbn 978-2-266-15972-2), chap. 38, p. 358 – Harlan Coben
    I have always been a good child. But at what cost ? What have I had to sacrifice forever to be wise? So wise that along the way, I forgot what I wanted … Worse, who I was …
  • Light as a butterfly – Michela Marzano
  • There is no ideal to which we can sacrifice ourselves, because of all we know the lies, we who do not know what the truth is.

These quotes on sacrificing are helpful for you. Sacrificing quotes are available below.

Quotes On Sacrifice For Others Happiness

  • The Temptation of the West – Malraux

    In Nekhludov, as in every man, there were two men. There was the moral man, willing to seek his good only in the good of others, and there was the animal man, seeking only his individual good and ready to sacrifice for him the good of the whole world.
  • Resurrection, leon tolstoi (trans. Teodor de wyzewa), perrin edition, 1900, chap. v, p. 69 – Leo Tolstoy

    Do you understand now, you who have deluded yourself? He was nothing, never was nothing, but a young boy who wanted to see others sacrifice themselves for him!
  • Harry potter, book 7: harry potter and the deathly hallows – JK Rowling
  • “This is love, giving everything, sacrificing everything without hope of return. ”By Albert Camus Extract from Les Justes.
  • Extract from Les Justes – Albert Camus
    In order to live free and joyful you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice.
  • The Recalcitrant Messiah, Illusions, Richard Bach – Richard Bach
    Love is measured by what we accept to sacrifice to it.
  • Extract from his Ava, Memoirs – Ava Gardner
  • Today, market day, my reader, I take you. Or ? In front of an asparagus pyramid. What to do ? Wait for our next victim to appear. To give taste to our work, we want it to be the very ear, finely pinched with mauve and azure, of these delicious edible fairies which designates to us the one that the cruel feast that I promised you we must sacrifice.
  • The decomposition, anne f. garreta, edition grasset (the paperback), 1999, p. 109 – Anne F. Garréta
  • The human race is so made that sane beings would be ready to sacrifice their youth, their bodies, their loves, their friends, their happiness and much more on the altar of a fantasy called eternity.
  • Hygiene of the assassin – Amélie Nothomb
  • Sometimes it is essential to sacrifice yourself. It is the hygiene of the soul.
  • Complete works of jean cocteau: les maries de la tour eiffel. the human voice. terrible parents. parade. the beef on the roof – Jean Cocteau
  • Sacrifice. Give. Give without expecting anything in return. Giving not out of duty, but by being moved by the conviction that the one who gives is always richer than the one who receives – who in turn is responsible for giving. Basically, this is the only real great ethical principle. Everything else derives from it.
  • Last year. notes to conclude the century (1999), alain de benoist, ed. the Age of Man, 2001, p. 141 – last year. notes to conclude the century, 2001 – Alain de Benoist
  • Surrender yourself, Eugenie abandon all your senses to the pleasure that he is the only god of your existence it is he alone that a young girl must sacrifice everything, and nothing in her eyes must be as sacred as pleasure
  • Philosophy in the boudoir – Marquis de Sade
  • Your duty is to sacrifice yourself for others. However, do not imagine that your sacrifice will make those to whom you dedicate it happy. This will allow them not to blush at you. You have no chance either to be happy or to make people happy.
  • Stupor and Tremor – Amélie Nothomb
  • Sacrificing yourself to your passions is over; but to passions that we do not have! O sad nineteenth century.

Inspirational Quotes On Self Sacrifice

  • Red and black – Stendhal
  • Women often have enough courage to sacrifice their love, but rarely enough strength to give it up.
  • Thoughts – Cécile Fée
  • To sacrifice oneself in the service of life is equivalent to a grace.
  • “Jewish community. Speech delivered in London ”, in Comment je voir le monde (1934-1958), Albert Einstein (translated Maurice Solovine, rev. Régis Hanrion), ed. Flammarion, coll. “Champs”, 1989 [1979] (ISBN 2-08-081183-5), chap. 4 “Jewish Problems,” p. 105 – Albert Einstein
  • To be a perfect man of honor, you have to know how to sacrifice everything to your honor, even honor.
  • Small aphorisms on honor – Louis Dumur
  • Whoever can sacrifice his hatred to his homeland could well also sacrifice his life.
  • The Thebaid or the Enemy Brothers – Jean Racine
  • These little luxuries must be sacrificed for the great luxury of time.
  • Man in a hurry, 1941 – Paul Morand
  • You have to know how to sacrifice the beard to save the head.
    • Turkish proverbs
  • A man could sacrifice himself out of machismo, stupidity or the fact of being blind in a hypothetical victory. A woman sacrificed herself without telling herself any stories.
  • Just a look – Harlan Coben
  • We cannot thank enough the men who have decided to become priests, to sacrifice a lot in order to bring to others a certain form of love and who have achieved this by dint of wisdom, humanism and a deep sense of Christian philosophy. .
  • A woman – Alice Parizeau
  • Out of a thousand men enthusiastically repeating a political formula for which they are ready to sacrifice their lives, one would often find none capable of defining exactly the meaning of this formula.
  • The uncertainties of the present hour – Gustave Le Bon
  • But I would like that in exchange for the mutual gift of his faithful tenderness, each one would keep the right to live according to his soul, to walk in his way, to seek his truth, to ensure, if necessary, his field of proper activity of his spiritual life, and not to sacrifice to the law of another, even the closest being, no being has the right to sacrifice to himself the soul of another, nor his to another. it’s a crime.

    The enchanted soul – Romain Rolland

These are best quotes on sacrificing for you. Use these quotes for yourself and motivate yourself in the life.

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